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Create motion pictures.

Cinemagraphy allows individuals, professionals and advertising agencies to create impressive visuals.

Create Cinemagraph

Take a video, using Cinemagraphy, or import it directly from your gallery. Make sure that the video is not too shaky.

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Work on

Area of Your Interest

Trim and cut the video, and work on area of your interest. Then, choose areas that you want to be motionless.

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Choose Still Image

Use Still Image Tool to select the frame you’ll be using for brushing. Then, using the Brush tool, brush the parts that you want to be motionless.

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Ajust Speed & Video Mode

and Share

Now decide on the video loop mode and speed settings. Your wonderful cinemagraph is ready. Save and share!

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Try Cinemagraphy

Download Cinemagraphy and create visual contents that have more meaning than a photo, or a video.

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