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Ray Financial Calculator is a powerful and useful financial calculator for business professionals and college students.

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Powerful and Handy Financial Calculator App

Efficient, Handy Financial Calculators

Financial & Scientific Calculator

  • Solving Time Value of Money Equations
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Evaluating Math Expressions
  • Storage and Recall of Numerical Values
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Calculator History

Time Value of Money Calculator

  • Future Value
  • Present Value
  • Interest Rate
  • Period

Net Present Value Calculator

  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return

Return on Investment Calculator

  • Gain or Loss
  • ROI
  • Annualized ROI

Compound Interest Calculator

  • Total Principal
  • Interest Amount
  • Balance
  • APY

Bond Valuation Calculator

  • Bond Value
  • Maculay Duration
  • Modified Duration
  • Convexity

Tip Calculator

  • Tip
  • Total Amount
  • Tip Per Person
  • Total Per Person

Stock Calculators

  • Capital Asset Pricing Model(Capm)
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital(Wacc)
  • Constant Growth
  • Non-constant Growth
  • Expected Stock Return
  • Holding Period Return(Hpr)
  • Black-Scholes Stock Option

Financial & Scientific Calculator

You can use traditional scientific financial calculator as you have the original calculator. By using scientific calculator, you can solve time value of money equations analyse cash flow and evaluate math expressions.

Financial - Scientific Calculator

Easy to use Financial Calculator App

Easy to Use Calculators

It is easy to use calculators. Financial Calculator has a user-friendly interface so that users do their calculations readily. The app is recommended for business professionals and college students.

Financial Worksheets

The app provides modern looking calculators to user, and it is easy to reach and use them.

Modern-looking Financial Calculator App

Financial Calculator Application with description and formula

Descriptions, Formulas and Examples

Our Financial Calculator application has not just calculators but also detailed descriptions and formulas. It has also examples which shows how users can use the calculators.

Analyze & Share Calculation Reports

You can save your calculation reports or send them as Email. Financial Calculator provides you to analyze and reorganize your reports.

Analyze and Share Calculation Reports using FK Financial Calculator

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