About - Ray Informatics

Ray Informatics is a company which is found by people who have different backgrounds. Our major purpose is that we try to make people's work or education easier by making handy and efficient applications and websites.

We develop mobile applications and websites in different kinds of areas such as photography, finance, education. Our mobile applications and websites are easy to use and have simple and user-friendly design.

Meet Co-Founders of Ray Informatics

Mehmet Emin Gülşen - CEO & Android Developer

Determined industrial engineer and Android developer. Has ability to understand and improve real sector with his strong background in the sector. Creates solutions to problems of customer immediately and perfectly.

Ahmet Serdar Karadeniz - iOS Developer

A dedicated prospective mathematician and software developer. Has mathematical thinking skills and can use them in related fields. Has strong willingness to learn about new concepts and technologies.

Mehmet Fatih Karadeniz - Software Developer

A dedicated and eager physicist and software developer. Has high curiosity for Computer Science and Mathematics. Has an enthusiasm to learn programming languages. Has ability to solve problems in Physics or Mathematics carefully. Has self-discipline in academic and normal life.

Mustafa Çağrı Güven - Finance Director

One of the co-founders and finance director of Ray Informatics. Graduated from Business Administration programme in METU. Enjoys learning and creating new things. Has special interest about finance world. Also enjoys detecting problems related to products and processes.

Tevfik Aktay - Data Scientist

An industrial engineer who is forward looking person and dedicated professional in business. Works team-oriented and has ability of creative and analytical thinking. Interested in innovative engineering fields and marketing strategies. Works with respect for humanity and nature.