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Night Mode

Harness the extraordinary capabilities of your iPhone and witness its full potential with Nightcam. Our app's cutting-edge technology leverages the brilliance of your device, enabling you to capture breathtaking night photos like never before.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Computational Photography combined to create outstanding photos. Experience the magic of our intelligent algorithms working together, delivering photos that will amaze you!

Nightcam AI intelligence

Nightcam metadata

Adaptive Shoot Mode

Auto Shoot Mode intelligently selects Night Mode or Daylight Mode based on your surroundings' light intensity. Enjoy perfect shots effortlessly. Switch to Daylight Shoot Mode for full creative control over sunlit moments. Craft stunning daylight masterpieces with ease. Night Shoot Mode lets you fine-tune settings for fascinating nighttime photography. Unleash the magic of the night with captivating shots.

Intelligent Manual Controls

When using Semi-Auto Mode, you have the option to lock either the ISO or the Exposure Duration, while the other parameter remains unlocked. This grants you the freedom to fine-tune your shot with precision, leaving the rest to Nightcam's intelligent algorithm. We've optimized the algorithm to suit both day and night conditions. No matter the lighting scenario, Nightcam knows how to enhance your shots effortlessly, so you can focus on unleashing your creativity.

Nightcam intelligent mode

Nightcam metadata

AI Enhancer

Whether you're capturing stunning daytime scenes or precious moments in low-light conditions, Nightcam's AI noise reduction effortlessly transforms your photos into true masterpieces. Embrace the power of AI and experience the joy of flawlessly enhanced photography!

Smart Guides

Histogram: Get precise exposure control for flawless shots.
Highlight/Shadow Warning: Never miss details in bright or dark areas.

Tripod Mode: Achieve rock-steady images on your tripod setup.
Stabilizer: Capture smooth, shake-free photos effortlessly.

Grid & Level: Align your composition with professional precision.
Zoom & Stability: Get up close while ensuring sharpness.

Focus Loupe: Magnify and fine-tune focus accuracy.
Focus Peaking: Highlight sharp edges for crystal-clear focus.

Nightcam photo editor

Lock Screen Widgets

Access Nightcam directly from your Lock Screen through convenient widgets tailored to various modes: Manual, Tripod, Daylight, and Night.

Nightcam Lock screen widgets mode

Metadata Viewer

Discover in-depth metadata with our integrated viewer, providing you access to detailed information about your photos.

Nightcam photo editor

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