• Phocus - iOS & Android photo app
  • Phocus: Portrait mode editor

Phocus is a perfect photo editing app for creating depth and portrait lighting effects on any iPhone.

You can also have real-time portrait camera using Phocus.

  • Phocus - portrait with blur iOS app
  • Phocus - portrait with blur android app
Photography app for iOS and Android

Portrait Mode

Just add your photo to Phocus and tap Phocus icon (second bottom left) for the automatic background blur process. Phocus app intelligence works for perfect editing.

Phocus app

Portrait Lighting

You can take great portrait photos like studio work with portrait lighting feature. Portrait Lighting mode gives a very special light to your face while darkening the background.

Portrait Lighthing iphone app

Mono Lighting

With mono lighting you will get very cool black and white photos. You can have great photos with Phocus: Portrait mode editor's portrait lighting tool.

Mono lighting effect app for iOS and Android

Blur with Touch

When you need to edit the photo according to the details of the focused subject, you can use remove blur tool and manual blur tool. Touch more professional photos!

Edit blurred area with your creativity!

Blur with touch iOS & Android App

Amazing Filters

Don't you want to add a more aesthetic feel to your photos? Phocus provides different filters for you. Get cool photos using stylize, detail, and color splash features of Phocus.

photo blur app for iOS and Android

phocus is trusted by 200K+ people. here are some reviews.

"It’s a great app. It’s as great as the IPhone 7+ camera’s Portrait Mode App. Whoever made this app they did a very good job!!! You should definitely get this app. Awesome app!!!"

- Written by Unicorn awesome276, Mar 24, 2018, United States (for iOS)

"Easy editing, works great! Best one I’ve found"

- Written by brooked7, Jun 17, 2018, Canada (for iOS)

"I'm impressed, similar to iPhone portrait mode"

- Written by Carlos Sanchez, Jun 27, 2018 (for Android)

"Quello che cercavo con L iPhone X L ho trovato grazie a questa app"

- Written by Aaamxxks, Mar 22, 2018, Italy (for iOS)

"I love this app"

- Written by Steve Lopez, Jun 9, 2018 (for Android)

"it's so good absolutely perfect app"

- Written by Khine Nyein, May 5, 2018, United States (for iOS)

"Faz o que promete"

- Written by rodrigobado, Mar 20, 2018, Brazil (for iOS)

"Love editing black and white portraits. They look professional"

- Written by Rozzimuch, Apr 25, 2018, Australia (for iOS)

"Quelques effets très sympas et faciles à utiliser après un minimum d’apprentissage"

- Written by sylvain2noumea, May 5, 2018, France (for iOS)

"Very good. This app can reach iPhone X. Best keep it up......"

- Written by Badal Tanna, May 15, 2018 (for Android)

"Extremely easy app and great results"

- Written by saeed_1991, Jul 1, 2018, United Arab Emirates (for iOS)

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  • Phocus - portrait with blur iOS app
  • Phocus - portrait with blur android app

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